Axylla gen 21

Axyllia is the region in which the events of Pokemon Fractal take place.

A subarctic to arctic climate located in the Northern hemisphere. Despite this, there are stark cultural and natural contrasts between different parts of the region. It is bordered by the regions Byzmm to the North, Czannk to the West, Dabul to the South, and the EБCP to the East.

A long time before the game's events, most of the region was covered in ice. Oerm, the region's largest city, was an underwater city of unparalleled beauty, built by Axyllia's first Tsar. The Tsar built this imperial city to guard the Eye of Azoth, his personal treasure and greatest secret of Axyllia, the crystalline power source used to propel the entire region and the reason Oerm managed to stay dry. Many other kingdoms had tried to conquer Axyllia and claim the Eye of Azoth for themselves, but were repelled by its power. However, as the Axyllia's natural ice barriers began to melt, and due to his growing uncertainty in his heir, the Fourth Tsar decided to seal away the Eye of Azoth to keep it safe from misuse, by letting Oerm sink with it. With the power source gone, the Tsar was forced to abdicate by the people, realizing that without the Eye, he had no power. As a result of this course of events, many cities around the region started to develop their own energy sources, as they had relied too much on royalty. The tale of the crystal has become naught but a myth, sought after by many explorers without much success. It is said that only a member of the royal family can break the seal and find the way to Oerm.